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With a team of expert consultants, SN1 Consulting combines decades of cumulated experience in different sectors of the sports & media industry and private equity investments. SN1 Consulting advises on investments in media rights, M&A in sport & media and provides monetisation strategies across all European media markets. 


Our services are being performed in a discreet manner. At request, we also act as in-house consultants and have experts available for mid-term interim management and project work.




With over 14 years of international experience in executive positions at major sports rights agencies and Pay-TV/Free-TV/OTT operators. Excerpt:

  • Director Sales at the sportsman media group, Munich.

  • Consultant to Perform Group, London and Munich.

  • Chief Representative CEE / Consultant at MP&Silva, London and Munich. 

  • Vice President / Head of Sports CEEMEA and member of the CEEMEA SMT at Discovery Networks International, the globally largest Pay-TV channel operator.

Sascha has worked with and consulted various rights holders, media companies and investors across Europe. He has built a robust network and leading executives in sports & media rely on his advice. 

Investment & Monetization Strategies 

Investments in media rights - especially in premium rights - have become extremely capital–intensive. Monetisation often times has to be managed within a short period of time. Additionally, the full digitalisation and convergence of media are offering multiple opportunities to monetise media rights. 

At SN1 Consulting, we provide consultancy services during your investment assessment, bidding process and after the grant of rights, making sure you mitigate your investment risk and have a clear path to profitability within the given licensing period. We understand values and developments in each European market and thus can asses the right investment & monetisation strategy. 

Whether you are looking for linear free- or pay, digital or OTT-only strategies, our team of experts provides a view for every market from every angle including the indispensable legal & regulatory perspectives. 

Do you need assistance in implementing your strategy even beyond the borders of your business territories? We have a team of experienced negotiations experts in CEE with an unparalleled track record of selling media rights across all platforms in Europe. 

Digital & OTT

Digital media is at the core of our DNA. We were part from the very beginning of monetisation of media rights in the digital world and have gained a vast experience and network in the digital world.

Whether advertising-funded or pay-models – we can advise on the right strategy and approach and assist you in implementing your digital strategy. 

With OTT becoming the primary way to consume content around the globe, an enormous shift of investments has been seen recently from „traditional“ pay operators to OTT only providers. 

Although the globally market-leading OTT-entertainment and factual content providers like Netflix and Amazon are investing over 8 billion USD in content, the share of sport rights exploited/monetised via OTT only is still way below 1 billion USD. A significant growth of investments into OTT-sports services is obvious. 

We are experts in building OTT-propositions, client- and subscription models in several markets in CEE. We understand the right values and approach how to build, launch and monetize an OTT-service from scratch. 

Sports Strategy for Rights Holders

There is a wide variety of sports content globally. Competition for budgets is harder than ever – at the same time there seem to be more opportunities than ever. We will make sure you get your fair share of investment out of the global media markets for your media rights, so you can make sure to build a robust revenue stream to ensure financing for your organisation or event.

SN1 Consulting knows and understands the media landscape and also agency business inside out and is your 360° partner. Whether you want to structure your inventory, create new products or need packaging strategies, intend to run global tender processes including related legal advisory – SN1 Consulting team of experts are your competent advisors. 

Our main objective is to let our clients shine. We usually act as in-house consultants for rights holders, performing our services in a completely discreet and silent manner. 


We have been advising several private equity firms on investments in the sport- and media sector. We understand the specifics and dynamics of the very particular sport- and media business.

Having conducted several due diligence processes, we exactly understand the requirements of equity buyers and sellers in sports and media.

Together with our associated investment specialists, we are in a position to deliver you tailor-made solutions very fast and advise on several aspects during an acquisition, sales or merger process.


Landmark half-billion-euro deal ushers in new era for European handball

The European Handball Federation and EHF Marketing GmbH, consulted by SN1 Consulting, have signed a major new deal with Infront and Perform Group signalling the start of a long-term partnership that is set to transform the sport.


SN1 Consulting Co-Found content arena 

Singapore, 05.10.2017 - Content Arena, a B2B marketplace that connects sellers and buyers of sport media rights, will make its official debut at Sportel Monaco in October. Founded by a team of industry experts, the platform seeks to facilitate trading between market players by offering a one-stop marketplace that not only provides selling and buying options, but also additional services that help to manage and automate the rights trading process...


Partnership with fiba 3x3 for the former yugoslav territories

SN1 Consulting and Broadreach Media have signed a 3-year partnership with FIBA 3x3 for the former Yugoslav territories. The deal covers certain media rights for for the World Cup and World Tour for the period 2018-2020 that SN1 Consulting has acquired. The main goal is, to grow the popularity of FIBA 3x3 events in one of the most important regions for this sport globally and to increase exposure and engagement with the FIBA 3x3 events.

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